Worldwide services & consulting

Experience from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, France, Mexico, Singapore and the USA


  • Start of cooperation with company focused on virtual reality
  • Case study for implementation of augmented and virtual reality, preparation of digitization in the company, preparation for Industry 4.0
  • Value stream mapping & potential analysis
  • R & D of the tools for different industrial customers:

The metallic pressing/cutting tools

The injection moulding tooling

The die casting tools for Aluminium and alloys

The machinery and equipment accessories

Design & development:

Plastic parts for interior and exterior of cars

Supporting a core team on the meeting with a customer

FMEA analysis in the development phase and basis for the risk management

Project management:

Coordination of project activities

Transfer of projects between states

Project management at several levels: chief development engineer, project manager, consultant

Project Crisis Management (Prepare Phase, Lead or Series life)

Business management:

Analyse of processes and searching for root causes of problems

Layout design consultation

Consultation of the assembly lines

Ensuring project start-up for suppliers TIER 1, 2

Preparation for deploying of the LEAN solutions